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      The snow fell as gentle as the paw steps of a new born kit as the soft white sheets neatly layered one another. No sounds echoed off the leafless trees of leaf-bare and not one bird chirped.

  Soft paw steps sunk into the snow leaving tiny tracks around the training hollow. A small dull brown kit trailed through the snow as quickly as possible stumbling as she picked up pace and slowed back down. The snow swirled around her tiny ears as her fur bristled warily. Not only was she being chased but she was also lost and cold. Her flanks heaved as she prowled onward, taking leaps as big she could before she arrived at the Crow food Tree. It was the only tree in ThunderClan territory that was packed with sleeping crows. The tree had a ShadowClan stench. The little freezing, brown kit rubbed herself against the tree before taking off a distance more before dropping to her belly. Her flanks heaved and her paws ached. Normally she could run on and on for quite the distance but the weather was getting the best of her. 
       "Acornkit!" Yowled a furious voice off in the distance. "If you don't come here right now!"    The voice grew cl own kit closed her eyes and took a deep breathe. It may be the last one she ever took. The voice became a wavy shape hovering above the little kit assh shook furiously. That was it. The wind swirled above head as everything went pale....


     "Acornfall!" The voice made her shake. "Acornfall, your going to miss your patrol! You promised you'd come when your feeling better!" The dusky brown she-cat opened one eye. All she could see was white... Frost... "NO!" Shrieked Acornfall. Her white ringed tail fur bristled out and she shot out of her den and barreled into Tallpelt. "What are you doing up so early?" The elder deputy asked with a frown but humor dripping from his tone. "I was.... Just.... Getting.... Up?" Stuttered Acornfall. "Well don't have to much fun..." Grumbled the long furred, black tom as he stalked off to the leader's den. Breezecloud raced up to Acornfall. "What happened?" Asked the light gray and white patched she-cat. "You look like you were attacked by ShadowClan!" Acornfall, gazed into her worried friend's bright blue eyes. "Ermm- You know why," Muttered the little brown she-cat. "I had those nightmares again... You know? The ones about my past and all that." Breezecloud chuckled, "I thought that would be the cause."
     "Yeah, well I try but they keep coming back to bite me like a badgers bite," I huffed. Ever since Acornfall had been a little kit, she had always been accused of wrong-doing and bullied and snarled at and Breezekit had always been there to comfort her silent tears. "So?" Prompted Breezecloud. "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. Repeat please." Breezecloud looked like she was going to snap but must've seen her friend's expression and sighed. "Yeah, okay. Do you want to fetch Brokenfoot and get out of here?" Acornfall looked thoughtful for a moment and then nodded. "If you'd like, I would to." Breezecloud's face brightened and she bounced off her hunches. "Well lets get out of here before we grow moss like stones!" Acornfall had secretly not wanted to invite Brokenfoot this time. Brokenfoot was a young tom much like the other warriors, only he had a broken paw. He had landed on it wrong when chasing a rabbit but in the end he had caught of it at least. Acornfall tried to focus on the positive side of everything but really it couldn't have gotten better from there and deep down she knew it to. It was now nothing more than a flimsy, numb black paw. The black and white tom emerged from the dangling ivy thorns and brought up a paw over his unusual ripped up ear. It was a almost perfect rip to... Acornfall scolded herself silently for thinking it was cute. "Brokenfoot first noticed Breezecloud who he greeted with a nod and then noticed Acornfall who he gazed at for a moment before he padded over. "Acornfall. Right? We haven't talked much apparently," He meowed calmly. Acornfall was caught off guard but Breezecloud jumped in shortly. "Yes, yes. This is shy, meek little Acornfall." The large black and white tom nodded to Acornfall then turned back to Breezecloud. Her feathery tail that Acornfall had envied for so long swept across the area behind her as she fell, step in step with Brokenfoot. The large tom had clearly grown stubborn at some point because when he had been an apprentice he had been out-going and always telling jokes. Now he had... Changed. He was harder-headed and more gruff. Was that what caught you off guard? Was that the strange part? Acornfall wondered to herself as she caught up quickly to Breezecloud and fell in step with her to.
           "Where are we heading?" Brokenfoot was the first to speak and shatter the silence. "Um- I didn't exactly think it through but we could go to.... The Training Hollow and check things out. Maybe there's some mice or finch," Breezecloud suggested. "Alright the large black and white tom agreed. "How about you Acornfall? You want to go there?"
            "I suppose. Sure," Acornfall chimed in trying to sound excited but what she really wanted to say was, "Well I'm walking with you aren't I? What do YOU think, Brokenfoot? Huh?" Though that would've been to mean. Once more Acornfall scolded herself for being so rude and was startled to realize the morning flew by so quickly and Acornfall hadn't even realized how hungry she was and that no one had stopped to ask where she was off to. The large black and white tom's almond shaped, amber-colored eyes were gentle as they stared at Acornfall as she walked, bot for some reason this made Acornfall feel awkward and upset. Acornfall wasn't used to others staring at her to with such interest dazzling so brightly and obviously in his eyes. Like little stars of StarClan. His whiskers twitched and he cocked his head. "Can I help you?" Acornfall asked,trying to maintain and steady act. "Oh! I'm sorry... Its nothing.... Something just caught my eye behind you." Acornfall nodded in understanding feeling a little better. It was ridiculous to think he had been staring at her.

      All of a sudden, Brokenfoot dropped surprisingly carefully down to his belly and rocked steadily on his back legs. Now Acornfall could pick up the distant sent of a squirrel scampering about the undergrowth. Acornfall watched Brokenfoot as her lifted his limp, broken paw just high enough off the ground and gently placed it in front of the other and then the next and so on as he crept forward. Making sure his bad paw didn't drag he only took a step more then a couple of breaths before he leapt just as the squirrel looked up at the shadow and was about to turn but, being his graceful and swift self, Brokenfoot was faster. Only by a mouse hair his claw tip slashed the squirrel throat instantly killing it, as it went limp and fell to the ground. Brokenfoot bent down and triumphantly picked up his kill. Clutching it tightly in his jaw as if as unseen intruder were going to jump out of the bramble tangles and steal his precious prey. The thought of intruders made Acornfall shiver.
It was about time I wrote another journal entry so for this special little one I decided to do a novel and my idea sprouted! Here's my cute little start. Giggle rainbow cry  I guess I'll be doing a mix of art AND writing because guess what!? It's good to have a mix. Besides deviantart is all about the arts and all that stuff. Big happycry  Well here we go!

Prologue~ (Sorry if I can't work fast enough to finish this stuff and get it done all in 1 day. I'll try to get it done ASAP. Few days maybe...)
I want to improve right?
And I haven't been on in a long time due to personal reasons and the fact I try my best to work on my art right?
Guess what!!!?? I have an account (I've had one but probably just haven't mentioned it yet) on Instagram and Quotev!
Wish to follow? Yeah... I've been busy lately working, updating and improving on my OTHER BLOGS. Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little... 
Sorry I haven't said much!

I've been planning to get a account on YouTube too to show my level or present skill and future improvement.
Think I should? I also bet your thinking, "Why are you asking us all these questions?"
And there I go again. Roll Eyes 

Have a lovely day my beauties! BAIIII... Flynn: ... hi! Mew :lol: Favourites Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] Chikorita 


I'm kind of board..

I don't know what to do other than browse DA. I've been busy and even when I wasn't (in my free time) I was doing other things. So basically I've been distracted. I guess I don't have to much to say actually. Well... Just wanted to let you guys know I'm perfectly alive and all that. Haven't been on much since New Years. :scared: 

Bye now! Ya'll have a good one.

   I just wanted to say happy New Years everyone!

   Make sure you make good, specific, reasonable, realistic resolutions!

   Stick with it and make that change! Wink/Razz  :rarity:  Rainbow awesome lick :applejack: :twilightsparkle: :fluttershy:  :HappyNewYear: :grin: 

Wink/Razz Sooooo.... Yeah. This is my second journal entry that I actually completed in 1 night!!


I'm getting lazy.

But I also thought it would be a good idea to do a little get to know me! Meow :3 

Some FAQ I think is what it's called. Okay so I'll start with a list of random info. Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 



Fav color: Neon purple

Other three: Neon green, electric blue, bright yellow

Fav shape: Star or cube

Fav activity: Reading, writing, hanging out with friends anywhere!

Fav emoticon: All!

Fav food: Also all... O3O



Now a list of things I just like in general!

- She's just being Pinkie Pie by BlackGryph0n

okayyyy... Psychadelic Stamp by gnu32

::Free icon - Black Rock Shooter:: by Mimru

- Pie

- Mlp

- Warrior books!

- Cats

- Dogs

- Bunnies

- Sun bears

- Parties! Raves!

- The sky

- Space

- DA

- Computer

- Alt Nation!

- Anything British

- Cherries

- Peaches

- Shiny stars

- Doughnuts

- Ramen noodles

- All artists

- Manga

- Animate and kawaii and chibi, etc.. styles

- Pokémon's

- Bacon

- Fuzzy blankets!!

- Magic tricks!

- Mythical creatures

- cookies

- sketch pad

- Writing/ coloring/ art supplies

- Vocaloids!

- Organization

- Fairs

- Emoticons

- My Nokia phone

- foxes/ wolves   

There we go! And now my fears..

- Water Waaaah! 

- Being alone Begone! 

- The dark.. Giygas La 

- Some heights Rainbow Icon 

- Clowns :clownnose: 

- Bugs/ spiders :bademoticon:  Spideeer 

- Scary movies :bademoticon: 

I think I've fainted. 



Mlp OC'S



Rainbow Star

Royal Lace

Rocky Mountain

Starlight Shimmer

Cherry Lollipop

Violet Bloom

Honey Bliss

Dark Moon

Rain Flicker


Fire Blaze

Cinnamon Frosting

Blue Cakes

Thunder Kicker

Peach Pie

Boulder Bash

Dream Fluff

Sugar Rush

Moon Dust

Diamond Sparkle


Techno Cy

Flame Crackle

Windy Fumble

Wave Rider

Pebble Skip

Spring Daisy

Sir Ticky

Cotton Candy Puff

Peace Ping

Icy Snowflake

Nurse Megan

Twisted Mind

Crazy Unknown



  At last, I finally decided to do my own Warriors OC'S. All credit goes to the original maker. ERIN HUNTER THE AMAZING!! Clap 

I'll be doing updates because I can't finish in 1 night... Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 



1: Silentclaw

Eyes- Dark gray

Pelt- Dark gray with jet black stripes

Rank- Warrior

Backstory- Silentclaw was born like most all kits only he was rather stealthy and got and advanced head start on training. This must be why StarClan is against him... For not accepting the ways. Oh! Why did he get a head start you may ask? Well, simple question really. Silentclaw's parents thought he would become the greatest warrior of them all so they gave him secret training lessons every night and he soon became a wonderful apprentice. He was Silentpaw and he had rather longer claws than the rest of the apprentices but very quiet and light on them. He could bound through a meadow and sneak up on a whole colony of mice without being heard! But his leader held him back for moons longer than intended.



2: Ivypool

Eyes- Deep green

Pelt- Pure white, thick yet short coat, gray tipped tail

Rank- Medicine cat

Backstory- Ivypool was a very special kit. She was always helping and tending to others and preparing them for dangers they may face. Her father, Pinepelt never came back from a journey through the Dark Forest and his body was never found. Ivypool from then on vowed to always help those in need and never denied her true destiny until she realized it was much harder than it seemed. Her first prophecy she faced herself. StarClan told her that a horrible threat would bring her down and take her up. Ivypool worked hard to prevent this and stressed herself until she could work no longer. The second prophecy she faced was that a thick thaw would shatter those she loved most. Even though medicine cats aren't suppose to mate and have kits, Ivypool had a best friend male tom that she loved very much. He didn't know this and so when she confessed her feelings to him he didn't feel the same way back so she fell depressed and lonely. The last prophecy she faced before her untimely demise was that 3 wrong turns will lead her to her faith. Ivypool misunderstood this and caused her horrific heath. Ivypool had served many years but what was it like in between all those years? Lets reverse...



3: Pinepelt-

Eyes- Light, dusky brown

Pelt- Light, dusky brown with white back paws

Rank- Warrior then senior

Backstory- Pinepelt loved his young kit, Ivykit but it all soon ended. Pinepelt was mated to Frostfang a lovely queen who offered to take on as and apprentice with Ivypool after she died but before then, Frostfang was much older and more frail but didn't wish to give up. Now that her lovely kit Ivypool is dead she WANTS nothing more than to take on her duty as medicine cat even though she was her mother and was and apprentice, no cat would have thought less of her. Well, enough about her time for Pinepelt. Pinepelt offered to travel through the Dark Forest when he was a much younger warrior. He wanted nothing more than to prove he was brave and loyal because before then, other cats questioned his loyalty to the clan because he loves a medicine cat apprentice even though they had mated before she had started he duties. Pinepelt was sent off and never came back and no one cares much now but at the time only one cat would've known exactly what had happened to him and that would be Pinepelt himself. To bad he's dead... But at least he can share his tales with those in StarClan. They would've honored him more than they did on forest levels...



4: Frostfang-

Eyes- One white one light beautiful blue

Pelt- Pure white, shaggy coat

Rank- Medicine cat (present)

Backstory- Frostfang is a very beautiful young warrior that soon became a queen and then a apprentice medicine cat for her daughter. Soon Frostfang became the official medicine cat, but her what seemed like her faith almost ruined her life. A omen was send to her saying all will crumble and this caused alarm but Frostfang didn't panic. A badger attacked her one night and defending the nursery, Frostfang was small enough to dodge almost all attacks. When it had her pinned it scratched out one of her beautiful eyes and this is why she has one white eye. That eye is blind, but she still worked just as hard to adjust to that. If anyone asks about her eye, they say she will ignore you but if she must she will make YOU blind.



5: Rabbittail-  

Eyes- Light green

Pelt- Light gray with a short white tail

Rank- Warrior

Backstory- Rabbittail is a sly, quick, tiny yet powerful she-tabby you should never underestimated. She is very thoughtful and has a regular life.



6: Lakestone-

Eyes- Misty blue

Pelt- Dark gray she-cat with a broad face

Rank- Warrior/queen

Backstory- Lakestone grew up closer to friends than she did family which would explain her constant happy moods. Lakestone is quite wise and loves to explore down by the lake. For a CloudClan cat, she can catch fish better than any cat for she takes secret trips to see her beloved kits down in RiverClan. She had given them away to take another step closer to being deputy and even so her beloved mate lives in RiverClan... Lakestone actually grew up in RiverClan once which is why she continues to go back and forth from one clan to the other for visits and to remember... When she was told her past later on this hardly shocked her. She had the littlest memories of her true father and mother and her fish catching skill come in handy as well. It still remains a mystery on how she got to CloudClan and if her other "family" is still alive.







Okay, you guys are going to think I'm the laziest turd in the world but I'm tired of just giving there names and info. I think I'll just name them off and fill in their looks and background later... DERP. Squidward Sexy Talks 




- Robinclaw

- Blizzardstorm

- Fireflower

- Floodpaw

- Midnightpaw

Now! I will be doing character updates on these kitties for sure! I just named off a FEW of my MAIN characters. I still HAVEN'T DONE MY WHOLE CLAN QUITE YET BUT I WILL FINISH SOON. Because I'm lazy and lame... Neko Emoji-04 (Sleeping) Wowww.... Rainbow Rose      

- Dewleaf

- Dawnkit

- Fawnheart

- Shadowpelt

- Softfoot

- Snowstorm

- Roseblossom

- Dropstar

- Hopestar

- Dovestar

- Orangekit

- Goldspot

- Pantherkit

- Lynxkit

- Shortpaw

- Floodpaw

- Fishpaw

- Longstripe

- Berrypool

- Frostheart

- Yellowmoss

- Marshkit

- Blazekit

- Lilykit

- Twilightpaw

- Fernpelt

- Treepaw

- Stormpaw

- Halfear

- Lightpaw


- Moonkit

- Sunfur

- Darksnow

- Coldwing

- Brightivy

- Smallstone

- Rainpool

- Icepaw

- Heatherclaw

- Tornclaw

For my first few series.









It's time... The moment of truth. It look me forever to think of good characters. Or any for that matter. BUT IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!! CURSE YOU! I am a dummy! 

Okay my bad. Just had to go get something. What you are about to witness will blow all your minds away!!! forever... Headbang! 

Onward. I talk to much. Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 

So..... This is what's going down. I'll do character update every so often and maybe make a few random never used characters for fun/ practice, but I hate to see such wonder gone down the drain so I will maybe even do a few adoptables! In fact I'll probably start working on some right after this quick newsflash. :happybounce: 

The character refs/ descriptions:

1: Cloverpaw-

Eyes- Neon green

Pelt- Light brown and white, sort fur

Pattern- half of tail is brown, 2 back legs are half brown, brown front paws, left ear is brown, tip of muzzle is also brown

Rank- Currently an apprentice (newer/ in training)

Special- collecting herbs and finding things/ others

Back story- Cloverpaw was a kit with great ambition and always ready to help someone. All she ever wanted was to live up to her kin's name and show everyone she was destined to be more than a medicine cat. After her father died in battle with ShadowClan, Cloverpaw looked up to her mother who was to depressed to carry on. To provide her kit, Cloverkit, with the best she went forth to join WindClan so Cloverpaw wouldn't have to see her in such awful condition. This was to far back to remember for young Cloverkit at the time so everyone else in her clan told her her mother had died at ShadowClan battle to. Cloverpaw worked hard to remember and still hasn't given up. Everyone else in her clan says her mother's body was never found but was discovered by the creek.... (Me as an apprentice!!) Airborne 



2: Windfur-

Eyes- Light blue

Pelt- Light gray with touches of a darker blue gray

Pattern- All light gray hints of blue gray around muzzle and along back

Rank- Warrior (One of the oldest and finished apprenticeship)

Special- Hunting/ very fast

Back story- Windfur was a kit with almost a terrible fate giving him a bad reputation. He had almost fallen off cliffs and into rivers multiple times because his parents hated him. They didn't want a he- kit. This frightened Windkit so much that he didn't like the out doors and he was always afraid. He was only named a warrior to boost his self esteem. When he found this out he almost ran away several times if it weren't for Cloverpaw. Ever since then Cloverpaw taught Windfur how to love. Life wasn't always about hunting and being sly to feed the clan their rightful meal. Maybe that's why Windfur has kept her at his side for all these glorious moons....



3: Angel-

Eyes- Neon purple

Pelt- Light grey and rainbow

Pattern- Light gray pelt with a rainbow tail, boots, paws, ears and sometimes wings, chest fur. Neon purple bang tips, sometimes wings glow see through or light purple tips

Rank- Guardian angel cat

Special- flying, helping others, tricking and protecting

Back story- Angel wasn't always a guardian angel cat, she became this through training and almost luck! Angel trained for years (3) before realizing that this was only to get to the next level. The last level was a raffle to see which 4 angel cats would make it to cloud 100. This mad Angel very mad and only mad her prove harder. Angel did make it but almost got kicked out because her dark secret was almost revealed... Angel wasn't always good. In fact she still isn't 100% cure. When she was born her mother and father new what she was. Something was very wrong... Her father was a bad angel cat and her mother a good angel cat. When they had Angel she came out half and half giving her the ability to uncontrollably switch from good to bad rapidly. After 3 years of training with Master Hiski the only one able to purify a bad angel to a good, Angel finally was able to control her anger/ bad side ability through not completely gone things did get easier. Now, as for her good side her mother was disappointed that she came out this way but before she could do anything  about it after 4 days of giving birth to Angel she got very ill form the weather and died shortly after Angels 1st birthday. Angel's father abandoned her soon after because he was depressed and no longer had a "point." Angel was given to her grandparents and Angel's dad is thought to still be alive. After all he does have the ability to live forever in both human and dark/ evil world. After Master Hiski died he passed down his secret ability to his best student Angel to be able to turn into a human teen that never ages but this allows her to pass through the human world unknown but only for emergencies. Angel still goes there just to fly and explore freely. Angel as her evil side is the same color as her good side only darker and wears a hood and has glowing orange eyes. Very sneaky in war Angel one of cloud 100 Ireo's greatest fighters/ warriors.... What else can she accomplish? (My character!!) Blush 



4: Amber-

Eyes: Lavender

Pelt: Dark brown, neatly combed mane and tail also lavender!! Woohooooo!  

Pattern: None.

Rank: Gem sister pony

Special- Can change into a human and can turn invisible for self defense. Grump Also can change into gem sister pony (unicorn)

Back story- Amber was a gift when the gift of amber mysteriously chose her. Ever since then she was allowed to change into a unicorn pony and can use magic to turn invisible and escape her rich and spoiled life. Her little brother is the only one who knows about her ability to change into a gem sister unicorn. (Cutie mark- Amber gem.)



5: Smokey-

eyes- dark gray

pelt- light gray with dark gray stripes along back and front/ back legs

pattern- darker gray stripes and red collar

rank- wild wolf rather large for such species

special- Loves to stay hidden in the shadows and stalk prey

Back story- Smokey was a outcast as a pup. He was the smallest yet grew to be the largest but was still underestimated because he truly did have a gentle heart. This caused him to be teased and eventually grew rather hostile. He liked to hide in the shadows and stalk prey. When he wasn't doing that he was in his human form down at the book shop reading or somewhere quiet. This was still rare though.



6: Kumo- Riano

eyes- Dark yellow other eyes is black

pelt- dark green with a black tail and a black ninja mask

pattern- None. Does have a black energy bracelet though  

rank- Started as a human but can turn into any of these things: Spirit, bunny, cat, wolf, fox, mix mutt breed, human

Special- Is sneaky, can shape shift quickly and loves to be human. Loves to do sports because is very athletic and has no known age either! Greetings 

Back story- Kumo (Koo-mo) is a very weird shape shifter. He is neither alive nor dead so he technically has no known age. Kumo loves to shape shift so he can sneak up on people, participate in events and just for fun. He is a spirit ninja from RES-344. That's a world for only shape shifters. His duties are to be taken seriously but he never obeys and is constantly kicked out of the world and so he hangs with Angel, the only one he can really relate to. One day Kumo took a prank to far on head chief and was permanently banished. He spends most all his time hanging out or annoying Angel, who finds his jokes... Well, just jokes.



7: Pepper-

eyes- Orange

pelt- Light gray and black

pattern- Black speckles around face and also along back

rank- Alpha

special- Loves to talk, can never keep a secret but still remains loyal to those he can trust

Back story- Pepper is a young wolf pup who lives with Kumo, takes after Kumo and loves Kumo like a father. Kumo doesn't see things that way and loves to get Pepper in trouble because he doesn't know any better. Well, Pepper actually ages faster. His normal wolf age is about 4 but really he is about 108. Kumo doesn't know that though and one day on his 116 birthday when he's all grown up he moves out and Kumo doesn't realize how amazing he was until he moves back into the woods and occasionally visits. Now, Pepper is much more clever and faster and always thinks before he leaps. He is quite close to Smokey his long lost older brother.




eyes- One is light pink other is light blue

pelt- White and pink

pattern- Pink spot around left eye pink chest fur

rank- Twin

Back story- Fluff was a gift from cloud 12 a lower leveled poor rank. This meant her and Angel were total opposites until one day when Fluff's home village was invaded by Angel's army. Fluff's mother died and Angel found Fluff half starved. Angel was about to take her hostage but doing the right think was more important than pleasing her commander. She secretly took in Fluff and kept her in her hut and fed her every day until Fluff turned 9 years old. (In human years.) At last Fluff received part of Angel's power to turn human for a short period of time and she never returned back to cloud 12. The raid/ invasion ended 3 months later but Angel was to attached and wouldn't let her go back. Fluff stayed with Angel until cloud 12 was rebuilt but even then Angel offered to train her from her weak shell to a true warrior. Or even greater...



9: Puff-

eyes- One eye is light blue one eye is pink

pelt- White and light blue

pattern- Light blue chest fur and light blue spot around right eye

rank- twin

Back story- Puff is Fluff's twin and they both came with Angel to live with her until cloud 12 was rebuilt and they both trained with her. Yeeeepppp.... Wink/Razz Puff and Fluff were on opposite sides of cloud 12 but Angel saved Puff right before she was killed. Lucky Puff! Yes, Angel named them both. :) (Smile) 



10: Ruby-

eyes- Hot pink

pelt- Red

pattern- (Cutie mark)- Red ruby

rank- gem sister

Back story- Amber's BFF, Ruby is loyal and adventurous and has a thing for traveling in fashion. Ruby became a gem sister at the same time as Amber and she has a neatly curled mane and tail.:D (Big Grin)  She is also a bit bratty but you gotta love her! She is also sarcastic but never go there with her. Bucktooth 



11: Blackout-

eyes- Crimson red

pelt- Pitch black

pattern- None.

rank- Outcast from society

Back story- Blackout is a girl before you ask. She is emo and has a sick, twisted, wicked... way of drawing! She is highly underestimated and doesn't like sharing her drawings yet somehow Angel persuades her to. They met in art class in high school and are room mates. Whenever Blackout is being teased she can summon the shadows of darkness spell and damage them enough to escape. Often times this only happens in battle but if she has to return the favor for Angel always standing up to her when someone called her a creep, she will. Deep inside Blackout has a very calm and quiet heart. Ohm... Ohm...  But no one seems to notice except Angel who always sees the light in someone who appears dark-hearted and cold.



12: Orchid-

eyes- Light pinkish lavender

pelt- White and light pinkish, lavender

pattern- Hardly visible flower pattern around face and left front paw

rank- Flower healer hmm 

special- mixing healing potions

Back story- Orchid runs the center hospital in cloud 100. She works with Angel and they are good friends. Once, Angel had a damaged paw and Orchid saved her from any further damage. Angel has been always grateful but when she tried to save her from a attack from cloud 50 Angel failed and Orchid perished. Angel promised to avenge her and her death and now Orchid watches over her as her guardian angel.   



13: Yoko

eyes- dark, deep brown

pelt- Light, mint blue and dark, deep brown

pattern- solid color is light mint blue with dark deep brown chest fur, stripe down back and tail, stripes around ears and front, back legs, has a pink heart earring in both ears, tail charms and pink heart necklace

rank- Nerd Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

special- book smart and works good with fractions

Back story- Yoko has a very sad back story so... BE WARNED NOW: Yoko was a very self conscious kitten growing up. She tried to fit in, but her parents were so hostile they kept holding her back and she spent years reading in her room and doing algebra. She never went outside and preferred to stay inside and read anyways, and when she wasn't reading she was sleepingSleepy . One day there was a house break in and her parents were both murdered by the T6R5 crew that Angel is constantly fighting against and battling out of cloud 100. Yoko grew depressed and felt like life had no purpose without the ones who raised her and treated her so "right." No. It wasn't right they died and every day Yoko goes to their graves and brings them flowers and reads them a book before she returns home. Tears One day her small town was bombed by the unstoppable T6R5 crew and Yoko was forced to move out and began to be a room mate with both Blackout and Angel in their small apartment in the human world. They all must be human forms and Yoko is still practicing how to change. w00t! 



14: Jacklyn

eyes- Hot pink

pelt- Neon green, hot pink, light gray, electric blue

pattern- squiggles (has double piercing on right ear of a star and a heart and has plaid electric blue collar and plaid neon green wrist band and neon pink nose and mouth)

rank- Teen wolf

special- Works very good with make up and gossip

Back story- Jackie for short, is a typical teen wolf who loves gossip and is always ready to spread it. She loves her make up and accessories and is extremely sassy so never EVER get on her bad side or she WILL get her rightful revenge. She also must surround herself with a large group of friends to feel proper and proud or otherwise things will get awkward... You will always see her with jewelry, a make up bag, magazine and backwards cap if any at all.



15: Jess

eyes- Deep brown

pelt- Light brown, dark brown and jet black

pattern- patches

rank- Rock/ musician/ slacker

special- Kind of a loner but friendly none the less

Back story- Jess is a ordinary male mutt. He hasn't much time for messing around especially when it comes to music. Jess worked at a summer camp, the only place people appreciated his music though it was amazing to start out. Jess takes his time to get certain things done which is what makes him a slacker but he always finds a way. He is also very laid back and most all the girls find him amazing and handsome though he is clumsy and goofy and fumbles his words quite a but they think that's what makes him precious. His talent, heart and life is all about music. He is owned and dedicated to music and without it he would never be complete.



16: Creek-

eyes- light gray

pelt- light blue and navy blue

pattern- simple dots and tips

rank- Calm, peaceful flower bunny

special- Planting

Back story- Creek is a calm and peaceful flower bunny who loves to help the Earth and is one with the Earth. She is super easy to get along with and will sit for hours meditating in the sun and nibbling carrots with her friends. She can also read minds and read others orals so see their past and get a load of why they are sad. enlightenment (sgv-2)   



17: Victoria

eyes- Jet black

pelt- Bright yellow and bright red

pattern- hearts

rank- Mean, cruel, wanna-be

special- Hurting people at so many levels it begins to burn

Back story- The big question. Why must she be so mean? Well, there are several theories. One is that as a child she was constantly whipped and this turned her heart cold and hard. Another is that she was born as a demon and another is that she took after he older sister Maria. No one knows for sure and are to afraid to ask, but what ever the reason it needs to stop. Only so many people will stand up to Victoria, the most popular girl in school. (Before you ask, she is a leopard.) Bored - NaNoEmo Day 21 Victoria is Angel's only real competition but Angel is obviously nicer and more caring. Victoria hasn't told anyone anything. Not even her own click! Mio Nishizono (Shy) [V1] 

She keeps a diary under her bed and no one who had tried to steal it has come out alive.....



18: Aliko-Riana  

eyes- Pure white

pelt- Pure white, metallic silver, metallic gold

pattern- Stripes

rank- Cyborg/warrior

special- building and fixing gadgets

Back story- UNKNOWN. HAS NEVER BEEN REVEALED. (Or is it because I'm so lazy? Froggy Emoji 13 (Says No Frog) [V1] I'll tell it later! Ruby (Happy) [Jewelpet Tinkle] )



HUR HUR HUR! So awesome right? Well these are all my main OC'S. I'll kepp them forever and hardly update because I have a ton! TROLOLOLO!!! Bye now! ~Enjoy. Froggy Emoji 07 (In Loved Frog)   





















Thank yew so much smilehkitteh!! (Sorry a ton if I got your user wrong Llama Emoji 33 (Down or Depressed) [V2] )

Anyways, I was browsing and I found a add and I clicked on it and after a couple minutes of repeated clicking I got to smilehkittieh's page!

I browsed through her art and right away fell in love with her styles and idea and just art in general. The style was a cute kawaii, chibi, animation mix. :happybounce: 

I can't even begin to describe the levels of awesomeness! Watch her, follow her and feel free to favorite some (or all) of her art! Nod 

I really, really, really, really admire her page too. Hug Love Giggle La la la la :happybounce: Huggle! 

Breath taking...I think I've fainted. oh yeah! I never got to the point.  So she inspired me while I was looking though all of her lovely and amazing art/ animate and just totally was blown away when I decided I needed some characters of my own style to any style at all in general. Any who, I'll cut to the chase. I'm finally going to make some OFFICAL OC'S!! YAYAYAAYA!!!!! Giggle Giggle Giggle 

Okay, okay so I'm going to do a special style to. Can you guys please help me pick a style? I need help... I won't copy smile's style because she is original and NO ONE could even compare but yeah... The style choices are: Kawaii, chibi, real, abstract (probably not...) or/and animate!

Chatting - NaNoEmo Day 24 Pick, pick, pick! (If you want!) Excite   (The add btw I won't say for safety issues. but again look up her user if you haven't or don't know her already! Like I said she is an amazing artist!)

Wow you guys... Its been a while. Sorry, been really busy lately and I just got an account on!!  Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] 

OMG ITS SO AMAZING. Plz if you would you follow me if you care. Quotev is just easier to work with.

I'm making good progress and working on a story now called "Snow Shimmers."  Love 

Any who check out my favorites I just favorite a bunch of random stamps that describe me.

sorry I'm really tired because I've been studying for a test lately. :bademoticon: 

Merry early CHRISTMAS AND CHRAISTAMS EVE YALL!   :bademoticon: 

I may not be here because I'll be over in Utah with my family for the holidays.

Actually I'm not sure where we're going. Could be California...  Giggle 

    Okay, okay! Get this. I had so much homework today! Well, for me it was. Anyways I'm still not done and its already 11:40. But I really don't care because I have my ways.... Llama-Emoji-12 (Left and Right) [V1] 


    Anyways! This is my second day on DA and I love every moment and I'm sooooo addicted. Yeah I don't have much to say... That's not personal at least. Giggle  But that's not the point. I finally learned some stuff. Useful stuff I can use as an advantage to actually start a base of my uploading. I have a pixel re-sheet and I have a bunch of watchers and favorites which I favorite. Everyone is so talented it burns!!!! Yeah... improving won't be a piece of cake. Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  I'm ashamed! But I have so many accounts right now! I'm about to get a Quotev which I also wanted forever because I like to write and read. (Read my profile if not already!) So I'm basically just telling you about my day because I'm bored and tired again. That's why I had a mocha for breakfast which REALLY, REALLY, REALLY help pep me up. And toast. Its like my energy food. 2 pieces... Oops!  Yeah nothing new. I think I've fainted. 



Okay, oaky! I'm sorry for my outbursts of pure excitement. I'm just so happy to join! I've seen so many... amazing artists on here and I flip out because I look up to them. I want to be as good as them though I know I could never compare. :D I've always loved art but actually... Just got hooked when I joined art class. But I'm in 2nd trimester now so... Yeah. I just really want to look back on this day to remember! I want to be all like: "Oh wow... Was I really like this? Did I improve that well? XD

    Anyways, I want to jump into the good stuff. Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

    So first off, I'm new. I barely know what to do.. So I'll start slow and simple and work from there. I mean, I know WHAT to do I'm just not good at doing it. Sweating a little... 

    Second, I have to juggle a social life, school work and family love so I'll be really, really, really sloooow.... Don't judge. Sweating a little... 

    Third... I just wanted to say third but I think I covered the basics. I'll do more journal entries ASAP. La la la la 

    Oh yeah! Lastly, its 10:00. I'm tired as heck and I have to wake up at 6:40 in the morning. I fail at sleep. Now that I have so much to look up to and appreciate I CAN'T sleep! No, I disagree!  That's just how I am. Cutie Dopey Grin - 13 NaNoEmo #7 

     So yeah.. December 3, 2013 10:00 on Tuesday! I'm being specific because I can. :bademoticon:  I can't wait for Christmas right!? Sweet. Also I'm using a bunch of emoticons because I just discovered them and I love new things. Froggy Emoji 09 (Smile Frog) [V1]  Alright. I'm going to do some gist. Talk to you people later. to soyanto  fgfnfdrsgawawklvhhfh  Hip Hip Hurray - NaNoEmo Day 15