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Sorry you guys. For not finishing my warrior cat fan-fic.

I've been losing motivation lately.

I will try my best to attempt a finish.

But like I said, no motivation or will power.

So... If it takes a while for me to update or upload or whatever you'll know why.


Now for something a little less depressing! Squee Bounce 

Okay so here's my little update. A lot has happened since I was gone. I moved. AGAIN. I think I've fainted. 

I've just been busy unpacking and getting my life in order. Especially trying to understand what was happening at my new school... I had to learn about 5 different math concepts I didn't learn about at my old school and had to help my group work on a science project and prepare for a last day of school presentation. Adventure Time - Flame Princess Icon Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

All is well now. Just a little bored. Bored As Bored As Bored Can Be 

How about a few facts for the heck of it?
Clapping Pony Icon - Butterscotch 

1~ I Heart  Adventure Time

2~ I like muffins especially blueberry!

3~ I spend most my time drawing, sketching, writing and signing CURSE YOU! 

4~ I like to go on Pintrest!

5~ I have a unique fashion taste 

6~ My best subjects are social studies and Language arts

7~ I Heart  Pokemon!! 

8~ Summer time sadness!

9~ I only eat ice cream and mint Oreos, not original

10~ I'm young (very YOUNG) at heart

11~ I'm easily amused  
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